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Scientific Research

We have expertise in conducting inductive and deductive research on your behalf to generate reliable background information for decision-making, addressing knowledge gaps learning and innovation. We are especially proficient in scientific research in the areas of social sciences. Our research services support our clients to improve strategies, business models and standards, and to evaluate results, impacts and performances.

Quantitative Research

With our vast experience in quantitative research we are your reliable partner to collect and analyze your data. We can identify patterns, averages, test causal relationship and generalize results for the success of your project.

Ethnographic Research

Do you want to learn and understand more about human societies and cultures? We are your partner for qualitative studies to understand issues inspired by anthropological perspectives through ethnographic research. 

Baseline Study

Before you start a project or strategic intervention, our experienced team can support you to identify the as-is situation to allow you to measure the result of your endeavor at a later point in time in future.

Qualitative Research

To provide you deep insights beyond numbers, we are your partner to collect and analyze non-numerical data. We approach our qualitative research with a creative and inquisitive mindset keeping the participants in context and with the use of a set of analytic strategies to gain in-depth understanding.

Strategy Development

We are your partner in research to identify strategic options in key socio-economic questions, for you to select the most appropriate ones. We can accompany you in the process to decide how resources can be allocated to achieve your objectives. 

Impact Assessment

What have you achieved? What difference has your project made? Our expert team can help you to assess the impact of your work through data and evidences for learning and future initiatives. 

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