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Environmental Service

We offer a range of environmental services for our planet to thrive. Explore our areas of expertise and get in touch with us for further details. 

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Agro-Forestry Management

Our plant is loosing its tree covers alarmingly fast. What can we do about it?

We have expertise in designing, developing and monitoring agro-forestry projects on a large scale. The main advantage of the concept of agro-forestry is the involvement of local communities in the process - the planted trees are embedded in their agriculture, so that they directly benefit from the trees. Involving communities plays the integral part in preserving the trees for future generations. 


Mangrove Restoration

Mangroves are unique ecosystems growing in coasts, tidal flats and riverbanks that form vital carbon sinks. In recent years, mangroves are declining at an alarming rate worldwide. So what can be done? What are coping mechanisms to save these precious ecosystems? Does it make sense to plant or should we let them regenerate naturally?

We are experienced in both. From site and species selection to growth monitoring following scientific guidelines and aided by technological advancement - we are your expert in the field. 


Solid Waste Management

A lack of sustainable waste management has severe effects on the environment and society. In turn, management of waste streams has great potential for economic and entrepreneurial opportunities. We can design projects on appropriate solid waste management systems for communities by assessing the feasibility, suggesting appropriate collection models and developing a sustainable business strategy. 

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